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See Chef Dominique in SeaBear's Video Series
Chef Dominique has completed 14 mini-videos for SeaBear smoked salmon (our sister brand). Each is approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute long, and focuses on a single, simple serving idea. Enjoy these with either SeaBear or Gerard & Dominique smoked salmon. View the recipes at SeaBear's blog, or view them on SeaBear's YouTube Channel.

Skuna Bay Smoked Salmon
Chef Dominique has partnered with the craftsman farmers at Skuna Bay to develop this super-premium smoked salmon for chefs at high end restaurants and hotels around the country, which you can now enjoy at home.

Skuna Bay’s small, passionate team of craftsman farmers work in an isolated region off the coast of Vancouver Island. Here, glacier fed waters, strong tidal currents and ideal salinity combine to provide perfect waters for raising outstanding fish. Patented innovations in packaging and an exclusive method of inspecting, selecting, hand cleaning and packing allow the salmon to be delivered in perfect condition to select distributors, so that chefs experience the same fish as it was when pulled out of the ocean by its farmers.

Now, this same world-class salmon -- embraced by premier chefs, and featured at the U.S. Open, Kentucky Derby, and James Beard House --- is available in a classic European style lox. Chef Dominique uses the handcraftsmanship, proprietary brining, deep trimming and small batch smoking for which he is famous. The result: a spectacularly fresh, silky smooth and well-balanced culinary experience that celebrates the pure goodness of the Skuna Bay salmon.

You can now enjoy Skuna Bay / Gerard & Dominique smoked salmon, shipped direct to your home, for personal use, entertaining or gifts. Your smoked salmon will be made to order in the same pre-sliced full sides we prepare for chefs (average size 1.8 – 2LBs).

As a made-to-order item, there is a 10-15 day lead time to have the Skuna Bay salmon delivered fresh, processed by hand, smoked in small batches, sliced and packed. To help with this, for the holiday season we one pre-set ship date:

ARRIVAL FOR CHRISTMAS: Place order by midnight Sunday, December 8th; salmon will ship on Tuesday, December 17th to arrive Thursday, December 19th.

FOR ANY OTHER DATES DURING NOVEMBER & DECEMBER: With the lead time required on this item, and with the restrictions on shipping days due to holidays falling mid-week, please call us at 1-800-858-0449, and we will help set an appropriate delivery date.

2011 Taste Test Awards: Artisanal Washington Meat

We're thrilled to learn we are a winner in Cooking Light magazine's 2011 Taste Test Awards - Best in Meat: Washington! Our Gerard & Dominique brand smoked scallops have been recognized within the Artisanal Category. Thanks, Cooking Light, we appreciate it!

To read the write up, click here

Now At Fry's
Gerard & Dominique’s signature European Style smoked salmon, along with our three highly popular seafood mousse, can now be found at Fry’s stores in Arizona. If you live near a Fry's drop in and pick some up!

Had a great holiday season!
It's an exciting time here at the Smokehouse as we celebrate a wonderful holiday season. Lots of new customers have enjoyed our smoked salmon this past year, and we thank you all for helping spread the word. If you have any questions or need any suggestions as you plan your entertaining throughout the rest of the year, please give us a call at the Smokehouse, or drop us a note via email.

A Big Anniversary!
A Big Anniversary!

We are thrilled to celebrating our 20th year at Gerard & Dominique Seafoods! It all started back in 1990 in a small kitchen in Bothell, and today we are proud to sell our products all across the US to restaurants, hotels, gourmet stores, high end grocery seafood departments, as well as direct to people’s homes. It is particularly exciting to celebrate this big anniversary with our long time customers --- we still work with the very first customers we had in 1990.

If you find yourself in our part of the country, please stop by and say hello.

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