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  • Silky, succulent and mild with complex layers of flavors and a long-well balanced finish. Our Signature Euro always starts with fresh salmon. Extremely deep cut “F” Trim means you can plate 100%. 2.5 lb. average per side.

    2-92180 Sliced, Fresh
    2-92162 Sliced, Frozen
    2-92182 Unsliced
    2-92187 Balik/Czar Cut

  • A great product, a great price. We start from frozen, instead of fresh, so we can avoid some of the volatile market spikes and pass the savings on to you. “D” Trim. Fully sliced, includes skin. 3 lb. average per side.

    2-92845 Sliced, Frozen

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  • Chef Dominique starts with the highest grade Coho salmon caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska. Prized by salmon lovers, the rich, orange-red meat of the Coho is vibrant and packed with flavor. Smoked in a traditional manner, it is smoky and buttery-rich; each slice seems to melt on the tongue.


  • It all started when a European restaurateur (with restaurants in Rome, Milan, Tokyo, London, & opening in Los Angeles in 2010) came searching for a sugar free smoked wild salmon that would exceed his patrons’ expectations. Chef Dominique, loving a new challenge, worked his culinary magic until: “Voila!” (“There it is!” French) or “Obika!” (“There it is!” Italian); our exquisite, Sugar Free Smoked Sockeye Recipe was born.


  • 2 lbs / 10 lb case

    2-90010 Euro
    2-90012 Coho
    2-92226 Sockeye

  • The Rainbow trout is butterfly-filleted by hand, then small batch smoked. Our natural honey and organic tamari brine seals in the flavor creating a wonderfully moist delicacy. Arrives frozen. 5 trout per bag. Each bag is apx 2.2 lbs.


    We always start with fresh trout from our friends at Clear Springs in Idaho.

  • Long tasty strips of wild Sockeye. Arrives Frozen.

    Item Code: 7-92644
    Pack Size: 1.5 lb packages/12 lb net weight case
    Random Weight Portions
    Ships Frozen 

  • Just the right balance of sweet and savory. Random weight portions.

    Item Code: 7-92643
    Pack Size: 2.5 lb packages/10 lb net weight case
    Ships Frozen


  • Moist, flaky, and fully cooked, lightly brushed with a honey-sesame glaze; a perfect balance of smoke and fruity, earthy flavor. Arrives Frozen. 3 lb. average per side. 2.5-3 lb avg.